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The Rules of Baccarat

Basic Baccarat Rules
Similar to the casino game roulette, baccarat has a rich European history that is believed to have originated in Italy before it made its way to France in the 15th century. It is widely considered one of the oldest card games ever played, and is still enjoyed all over the globe today. The word "baccarat" is an Italian word- hence its origin, which means "zero". There are a few different variations of the game as a result of its evolution over the centuries which include American baccarat, chemin de fer which is the French version, and baccarat banque, which is played with three decks in a shoe. Other versions exist; however these three versions are some of the most commonly used. To better understand how to play this classic casino card game, begin by learning some of these basic rules.

Card Values and Bets
Usually played from a six-deck or sometimes eight-deck shoe, baccarat has certain values for each type of card. The single digit cards are the most important, while face cards and 10's are not worth anything. Aces are worth 1, suits are not relevant, and cards less than 10 are worth face value. An important rule to remember for baccarat rules the card value is that 15 and 25 are counted as 5. The three basic bets that can be made are called banker, player, or standoff, which is rarely used. The goal of the game is to bet on which hand you believe will have the highest total value.

Player's and Bank's Third-Card-Rule
The Bank's and Player's third-card-rules are rules applied when certain circumstances arise. For example, a hand is over if the player or the bank has a total of 8 or 9 with their first two cards, or the player must draw a third card when their total is less than or equal to 5. The Bank has a significantly larger amount of rules. It always draws a third card when its total is 3 through 6 depending on the player's card values. Chemin de fer- the French version of baccarat, has different variations of these rules and the third-card-rules are especially different. Chemin de fer gives the Banker and the Player more leeway as to when to call a third.

The game of baccarat is all about chance. It is a hard game to win, even with the many strategies available to increase your chances of winning. The expression "quit while you are on top" can apply to this game. Many players choose to quit early on in the game to make a profit with the hopes of protecting that profit. The end goal of any game of baccarat is to get a hand with a value of 9 or as close to it as possible, and to bet on which hand you think will have the highest total. These basic rules apply to most games you will play; however be aware that each aforementioned version follows different rules and the various casinos you play at may use different methods as well.

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The History of Roulette

Pascal's Contributions
The exciting casino game roulette dates back as far as the 18th century. Meaning "little wheel" in French, roulette was invented in France before it quickly spread throughout Europe due to its popularity. You may remember learning about Pascal's triangle in school, created by the esteemed French mathematician Blaise Pascal. During the 1600's, he made significant contributions to probability theory and projective geometry in mathematics, and the Pascal triangle was later named after him. Believe it or not, he is responsible for some of the first forms of roulette. As he pursued his efforts to find a perpetual motion machine in the 1600's, he created a type of roulette wheel that we still use today.

The Legend
The wheel was used to play roulette in Paris during the early 18th century, possibly earlier throughout the late 1700's. As legend has it, two Frenchman by the names of Francois and Louis Blanc established some of the first casinos in Monte Carlo after they introduced a wheel with a single zero on. This single zero gave the wheel a total of 37 numbers, 0-36. They were thought to have made a deal with the devil in order to find out the secrets of the game of roulette. This legend derived from the fact that adding up numbers 1-36 gives you a sum of 666, which is considered the number of the beast. While the legend may or may not be true, the story is still told today to carry on the supernatural history associated with the game.

Roulette Arrives in America
As the game continued to be enjoyed in Parisian casinos and throughout Europe, it eventually made its way overseas to the United States and was embraced with just as much enthusiasm. By the mid 1800's, roulette was recognized as a glamorous game for the beautiful and intelligent. It was associated with a classy casino lifestyle that the wealthy enjoyed, and soon enough the United States altered it to create their own version of the game. The American version remained very similar to the European version except the American wheel was made with a double zero slot to increase the house edge. The French version of the wheel continued to grow in popularity in the southern parts of the United States and eventually made its way out west and flourished during the Gold Rush period. If you play roulette today, it is ideal to play the European version of the game because you have better odds of winning due to the double zero slot.

Roulette Today
While casinos blossomed throughout the Unites States during the world in the 1970's, roulete notably became one of the most preferred casino games in history. It is still played world-wide and there are even online roulette game today, and gamblers continue to try to find a multitude of ways to cheat the game or to find new strategies for success. It is a game that appeals to all kinds of gamblers due to the many ways it can be played. It can be high risk or low risk, depending on how you play it. The variety of different bets that can be used has been one of the most alluring factors of the game, which has attracted players to it for centuries and will continue to for many years to come. Find great roulette tips to win big!

The Basic Rules of Blackjack

The general goal in the game of blackjack is to achieve a total that is greater than the dealer's, as long as it does not exceed twenty-one. For the record, blackjack is a hand that combines an ace with any card that is worth 10 points. Once you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the game such as these, you will be ready to play. It is a fun, simple casino game that anyone can learn in no time. Play at bo dog. UK Blackjack is very popular too, read more at this UK online gambling guide.

Know the Value of the Cards
The cards in blackjack all have point values which make it easy for you to keep track of your totals. An ace can be 1 or 11 points depending on what is better for your current hand count. Jacks, kings, and queens are worth ten points, and all other cards are worth whatever their numerical value is. The ace is the most useful card and jokers are not relevant to the game.

How to Play
As with any casino game, there are a certain set of rules that apply to both the dealer and the player. Many of the rules in blackjack have to do with the initial cards you are dealt. First, "splitting" is a term that means you can split your first two cards into two hands if they have the same value. This then allows you to play each hand separately. Next, "doubling down" means you have the option to make an additional bet if your first two cards have a sum of 9, 10, or 11. Aces are excluded in doubling down. Finally, there is a rule known as "insurance" which means ff the dealer's showing card is an ace, you are allowed to make an insured bet which protects your hand should the dealer get blackjack.

How to Win
It is important to know that winning rules can vary slightly depending on the on-line or casino floor games you play. Typically though, they are standard throughout most free online blackjack games. The main rules that determine if you win involve your total versus the dealer's total. If your total is higher than the dealer's or if the dealer goes over twenty-one, then you win. The same rules apply both ways- if the dealer's total is higher or if you go over twenty-one, then the dealer wins. If both you and the dealer achieve the same total, it is considered a tie, or in the blackjack tips world a "stand-off". In this case, neither one of you win. These are the basic introductory rules to blackjack, and different strategies eventually come into play which you will learn as you go. Remember that slight variations of these rules will apply to different casinos and on-line games.